Welcome to Patricia Rodriguez Alquilandoenba. In this page you can find apartments for temporary rent. The apartments are prepared to enjoy your stay in our country.

Services: We provide rental service, sale and property management.

Almagro - Estado de Isralel I

- U$S 880

Location: Estado de Israel & Pringles. Almagro.
Capacity: 1 to 2 persons.
Description: It´s a luminous apartment with balcony. Modern Style.

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Barrio Norte - Lavalle 1

Week: U$S 420 - Fortnight: U$S 660 - Month: U$S 1020

Location: Lavalle y Callao
Capacity: 1 to 4 persons
Description: It´s a large and luminous apartment with street view. Modern Style

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Palermo - Santa Fe 1

- U$S 1000

Location: Santa fe & Bondpland. Palermo Hollywod.
Capacity: 1 to 4 persons.
Description: Apartment equipped with a bedroom, kitchen and washing machine

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Palermo - Cabello 1

- U$S 1100

Location: Cabello & Lafinur. Palermo
Capacity: 2 persons. Optional 3 with charge,
Description: Excellent apartment with a bedroom. Full kitchen. Laundry. Very bright with very good ventilation

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Caballito - Yerbal 1

Week: U$S 480 - Fortnight: U$S 860 - Month: U$S 1300

Location: Yerbal al 100
Capacity: 1 to 4 persons.
Description: Beautifull duplex, with balcony, terrace with barbacoa. Classic Style.

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