Welcome to Patricia Rodriguez Alquilandoenba. In this page you can find apartments for temporary rent. The apartments are prepared to enjoy your stay in our country.

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Palermo Soho - Mansilla & Araoz.

- $ 49000

Location: Mansilla & Araoz
Capacity: FOR RENT
Description: Excellent loft apartment, with one bedroom. Recently renovated, very bright. Building with swimming pool. The property is developed on two floors, a loft-type main floor, with access to the balcony, open view of the garden and pool. Full kitchen and reception bathroom. The upper floor has a balcony, it has a study with an open view, master bedroom, full bathroom and storage space. Estimated total area: 72 m 2 The apartment is located on the ground floor of a charming neoclassical building. 25 years old, small 4-story building with a ground floor, 19 functional units. The pool with deck is surrounded by trees.

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Palermo - Beruti & Oro.

- $ 25.000

Location: Beruti & Oro. Palermo.

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Palermo - Honduras & Bonpland.

- $ 65000

Location: Honduras & Bonpland.
Capacity: 1 to 2 persons.
Description: Beautiful house type PH in the best place in Palermo Hollywood, surrounded by bars and restaurants

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Barrio Norte - Viamonte 1

- $ 55.000

Location: Viamonte & Junin.. Barrio Norte, Zona Universitaria.
Capacity: 1 to 5 persons
Description: Great apartment with a large living room, three rooms, a kitchen two bathrooms and laundry

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Palermo - Arcos de Voltaire

- $ 20000

Location: Voltaire & Ravignani. Palermo Hollywood
Capacity: FOR RENT
Description: It´s a new building with a large and luminous apartment,. It has a balcony and terrace. Modern Style

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Palermo - PH Ravignani & Pasaje Voltaire.

Week: $ 23000 - Fortnight: $ 42000 - Month: $ 70000

Location: Ravignani & Pasaje Voltaire. Palermo Hollywood
Capacity: 1 to 4 persons
Description: Bright PH, on the ground floor, recycled by its owner with love and professionalism. Large terrace with grill. The PH is developed on a main floor with a full incorporated kitchen and a reception toilet, plus a spacious mezzanine with a distribution hallway, a dressing room and a complete bathroom en suite. The last floor has a desk, covered laundry room with bathroom and a large terrace with a grill.

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